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With millions of worthy Nonprofits, how will yours stand out?


How We Help

20/80 Nonprofits is a full service marketing agency focused on results for nonprofits. Our four main services are:

  1. Landing Pages

  2. Google Advertising Grants (PPC)

  3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  4. Email Marketing

For many of our clients we also do Websites, Graphics, Video, and even print. Just ask.

We can work by project, on a monthly fee, or consulting. 

In all cases we use only senior people so you always get the results you expect, and more. 


And everything we do is based on powerfully effective marketing philosophy:


Services Overview
How We Help

Landing Pages

A better landing page can increase your conversion rate by 20%-100% or even more. That’s true for every type of landing page- from social posts to Google & Facebook advertising. And even your donation page which gets linked from both your home page, and outside traffic sources. 


If you are not always testing landing pages, optimizing with artificial intelligence, using 10 to 100 different pages for advertising, or not using landing pages at all, we can fix that fast for an amazingly small amount of money, and without using your non-existent people resources.


How? We have an exclusive non-profit discount program through that lets you host your landing pages and use their industry leading tools, free.


We even have a compelling free offer that will prove how much better your landing pages can be.  


Google Ad Grants (PPC)

A $10,000/month advertising grant from Google can double targeted traffic to most nonprofit’s websites fast. In a month or two in almost all cases. And for many, doubling traffic also means doubling online donations, especially with the help of fully tested and optimized landing pages. 


If you don’t have a Google grant, we will get one for you. If you do, and aren’t getting the results you expected or have given up, we can bring your grant back to productive life fast. 


How? We are a certified Google partner that understands how to use all Google extensions to gain the maxim advertising page real estate. We use separate landing pages for every adgroup… often hundreds in a single account. And we have only very senior people managing your account.


Plus we have an irresistible free offer to demonstrate that we can improve your results.

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Landing Pages
Google Grants


SEO improves where your nonprofit comes up (ranking) when prospects or clients are searching for what you do on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. The first page of search is the best, but any improvement can make a big difference in free traffic to your site. You want that traffic to go to you, not a competitor.


Just doing keyword research and doing on-page SEO like rewriting page titles, descriptions, headings, etc can often double your free search traffic. The keyword research is key because you want to target multiple-word keywords (called long-tail) first, the more specific the better.


We handle SEO as either a project or ongoing assignment, and SEO is free to our ongoing Google Ad Grant clients.


And our free offer for SEO is too good to pass up.



Email is still the most effective driver of online donations… when it is used correctly. Email works best in automated “drip” campaigns over time to keep your nonprofit top of mind. And of course, every email needs its own landing page and interesting content for your supporters or prospects. 


20/80 Nonprofits helps you define campaigns, write, produce and send emails, track results and coordinate with your existing list, donor management system and other technology. We can do all, a little, or just consult.

Best of all we have exclusive nonprofit agreements with landing page and email suppliers, so you always get the lowest cost possible.


And yes, we have a compelling free offer for email, too.
Email Marketing
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