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Feedback Please

Please Tell Us What You Think

The following is language and graphics for a new service we are considering. We would love your feedback. Does it sound interesting to you?  What do you like or not like. Is there anything confusing in the text? Do you like the graphics? What would like to know more about. And what is your general impression/feedback. Thank you so much for helping. Please email  

Melos Emblem 1 Final.png
Building + Signs - 1.png

What Is Melos? 

Melos is the new place for sober people to meet, talk, dance, sing, chill, be mindful, and make friends. It is a place for people who choose to lead an addiction-free lifestyle to be their best person, and to build their best life. It is your new place- an energetic, optimistic, joyful new community.


What Is A Melos Place?

 During the day, a Melos Place will be a coffee shop, meeting spaces, and a large workout area for Sun Do (Yoga-Like) classes and other mindful activities. At night, a non-bar bar with a large dance floor and live DJ/Band, and other music and entertainment… open mic’s, Karaoke, group sings, you name it. It will also organize events, travel, activities, nature outings and more. The first Melos Place will have easy access and parking in downtown Los Gatos. It will be a place to hang out without alcohol or drugs, and without the “hook-up” and other pressures associated with the bar scene.  Now you will have a better choice of which crowd to hang with and how you want to have fun. 

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