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Personal favor: can you help a worthy nonprofit?
No donation required!


Covid 19 has hurt nonprofits badly- traffic and donations are down worldwide. 


As I mentioned, my company 20/80 Nonprofits has been granted an exclusive nonprofit arrangement with for free landing page hosting, testing and optimization to increase the conversion rate and revenue for nonprofits' social media, advertising, email… and even primary donation pages!


This is huge. The results for better landing pages often double conversion rates, and increase online fundraising overall by 20% or more.


Are you connected to or know of a nonprofit that could use our free help to boost their programs immediately? 


If so please fill out our form, email, text, or call me directly. Thanks so much for your help!




Ken Dickens

Managing Partner

20/80 Nonprofits


Cell for Call or Text: 408.497.2661

Yes, I can Help!

Thanks for helping. I will get back to you right away!

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